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Friday, July 29, 2005


Hewlett-Packard's most affordable laser printer, the $199.99 monochrome Laserjet 1012, is reliable and easy to use, turning out crisp text and graphics. This printer picks up the pace, too, printing at almost 13 pages per minute (ppm) in CNET's tests (HP rates the Laserjet 1012's print speed at a snappy 15ppm). And HP packs plenty of useful features for SOHO users, such as double-sided printing and watermarks, into this small and lightweight package. But beware: background applications can interfere with the Laserjet 1012's software installation, and you'll need to buy your own USB cable and pay above-average per-page costs for printing. With its small-capacity paper tray and limited RAM, this printer won't survive as an office workhorse, but it is a quality choice for students and families.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Low Cost Laser Cartridges

Ever try searching the web for low cost office supplies? There are literally thousands of sites with different price ranges, quality, discounts, etc...
I started searching the web for Laser Toner Cartridges, as I needed a new low cost, quality, HP Toner cartridge.
After browsing somewhat, I came across a unique site, BrotherToners.com.
They sell reman Toner Cartridges.
Brother Toners seems to be the lowest priced website for toners I have seen yet.
This is no lie!
I called them , and spoke to a rep, who was very kind, patient, and knowledgable.
They explained to me how great their cartridges work compared to others.
They thoroughly test them and replace all vital lasing componets.

Lindsay Renough - Fairfield, OK

Friday, July 22, 2005

Brother TN460/HL1440 Printer review

The best printer I have found on the market , according to performance quality, is the Brother TN460 Laser Printer.
I am a Laser Cartridge tech at BrotherToners.com, inc. and working with many many printer models and types, the Brother TN460 seems to outperform them all in reliability, cost and proficiency.

The cost of the printer is very low , used around $130.00 , new around $250.00.
Here's the specs:

Actual print speeds will vary depending on computer and type of document printed.
USB cable not included-must be purchased separately
3000 page toner cartridge standard (optional 6000 page toner cartridge available)
10 BaseT ethernet option available
Crisp text and graphics output via 1200 dpi class printing
PC and Mac® compatible (USB and Parallel, standard)
PC and iMac™/iBook™/G3/G4 drivers included
2MB memory standard, expandable to 34MB via 72 pin SIMM

Here's a rave about this printer:

I Have been using Brother laser printers which use this cartridge for about 7 years. GREAT PRODUCT. In fact the Brother multi function machine I currently use is a (now discontinued) MFC 9600. It has now been replaced with the nearly identical MFC 9700. I have had it for some 5 years with regular use and it works flawlesly. I use about 3 or 4 TN460 cartridges per year. Brother seems to be about the only manufacturer which provides a decent economical value for laser toner. Yes their printers/multi function machines cost a little more initially, but, do the long term math. You pay dearly in toner costs down the road with other better known or more highly publisized brands. I am continually surprised when I inquire at any office supply store about the cost per print or cost of operation of any given laser printer. The sales people are baffled, and never seem to know. This to me is THE question to ask. And, with the cost a some excellent full featured heavy duty Brother multifunction machines (fax scanner laser printer) very close to $200, it really does not make any sense to buy anything else if you are a small business home office with fairly regular laser/fax usage. Yes you might get a laser printer for $100 less. But after a few cartridges, you will wish you had a Brother using this economical cartridge.

You can get an OEM cartridge locally or a low cost quality Reman cartridge Here (click).

BrotherToners.com offers FREE SHIPPING with every order! Giving you the best for less!