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Friday, May 06, 2005

Reman Toners vs. OEM toners

I decided to write this, as people were asking me the difference between OEM toners, and Remanufactured toners. The truth is , they really are the same. No lie, and we can prove it.
Look on a box of an OEM toner cartridge, and also in the box for that matter.
Outside the box it should say something similar to, "recycle your cartridge", or "made from recycled parts". This is a HUGE indicator that they ar taking your empty, and depending on the condition its in, they clean it, and replace all the parts, and then sell it......get this....as an OEM!!
Hilarious! They can actually pass a reman toner to you as OEM. Unbelievable.
Anyway, I decided, if I can get toners for a much lower lower price, with quality as good as OEM, free shipping, and fast delivery, I will for sure purchase remans.
BrotherToners.com is the best place I have found so far. Prices, service, everything.
Check it out at www.Brothertoners.com.


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